Dear Sarath,

I cannot believe that you are starting kindergarten tomorrow. You are just so ready for it. You are as excited as you are scared. I can see that in your actions, words and your face sometimes 🙂 It is going to be okay. You’ll do just fine.

Last year, when we took you to the early assessment for kindergarten, you passed it. We really wanted to send you to kindergarten because you were very much ready academically. But, you were still very shy to make new friends and you preferred to play by yourself for the most part. That was the one thing we were very scared about. You would have been the youngest in class and I was not very happy about it. After a lot of discussion, we decided not to send you. Since then we’ve always wondered if we did the right thing. But, when I look at you today, I am confident about our decision. You are much more comfortable taking and playing with other kids now. I am very happy about waiting this one year.

You were very sad about leaving your friends and your pre-k teacher. You almost had tears in your eyes when you said “I will never be able to see her again :(“. Then I assured you that you can visit her when we go to pick up Sanjay, and you were happy.

Last week we went to your school and you got to meet your new teacher. Initially you were scared and did not want to go inside the school because there were many kids there. You held my hand very tightly because you did not want to get lost in that crowd. After you saw your teacher and talked to her, you felt much better. We went around the school and saw the playground. cafeteria and everything else. That made you very excited about kindergarten.

This morning you woke up and said “Today is the last day before school! yay!”. School is a big part of your life. You’ll learn so much and have lots of fun and eventually that’ll be more important than me or dad. Hope you have a wonderful school year and hope it is lots of fun 🙂


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