Our trip was a long one so, I am going to split it into 2 or 3 posts. Let me start with our flight trip and our hotel. Although we traveled on the same dates, me and DH had to take separate flights to get there. DH’s company booked his ticket and when we tried to book on the same airline for me and Sarath, it was going to to cost $1200.00. So, we booked ours on an another airline with our accumulated miles for no cost at all. Both flights were supposed to start at the same time and DH was supposed to get there 30 min before us. We thought it was perfect. But, DH’s flight got delayed and I ended up waiting for an hour at Orlando airport 🙁

We were given a room in Disney’s Beach Club resort. So, we took the Disney’s Magical Express – a free bus service from the airport. I was very excited to stay in the resort. The resort was good but I do have a few complaints. We got to the hotel at 12:00 midnight and they took an hour to give us a room. It was awful. The room was very nice but the service – not so good. Since we were in the Disney resort, we were able to take their buses to the theme parks and back. So, we did not rent a car. It was very convenient to visit the parks but, we were not able to go outside the Disney World. The only problem with that was food. As you can imagine, food inside Disney is way too expensive. The only food available for vegetarians was pizza and burgers. No other cuisine!!! We got bored but, had no choice.

The room service was not that good either. One night I was very hungry and ordered one bowl of cut fruit, 2 bananas and a lemonade for room service at 12:00 in the night. It took them one hour to bring it to the room. I even fell asleep by the time they came. They charge around $200.00 or more per night for a room in that particular Disney resort. All I am saying is that they need to provide excellent service for that amount. I definitely decided I am never going back to any of the resorts in the future. If DH’s company had given a hotel outside Disney and gave rental car, it would have been cheaper and we would have been happier.

After DH’s conference was done, we changed to another hotel that we could afford and also rented a car. We then went straight to an Indian restaurant – Woodlands – a pure vegetarian restaurant. Food there was amazing. The avial there was so good that the taste still lingers on my tongue. We also ordered a mixed platter for appetizers and they also had mirchi bajji in that! That made my day 🙂

So, now for the fun part – the resort had a cafe which had a breakfast buffet with the Disney characters. That was amazing. It was expensive but, extremely fun – especially for Sarath. He was excited to see Minnie mouse, Donald duck and Goofy walking around and taking pictures while we were eating. The buffet had a lot of items for breakfast – Mickey shaped waffles, bread, bagels, croissants, potatoes and lot of other stuff and best of all – fresh fruit. We could also have any amount of juice or milk. That was great. Sarath had so much fun that we ended up going to that place twice.

Sarath and Minnie Mouse

BTW, Minnie mouse is Sarath’s favorite – not Mickey….

Sarath and Donald Duck

Here are the Mickey shaped waffles. They were the right size for kids and tasted so good.

Mickey shaped waffles

We went to all the four Disney theme parks and also visited the Kennedy Space Center. Will write about those in the next few posts. Until then, have a great weekend!

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  1. Sarath is so cute. I have never been to these resorts. But I do agree with you. For that price, any hotel has to offer good service. But I would love to stay in the resort once, especially if we dont have anything else to visit in the place. What you said baout food is so true. Now a days I dont even eat pizza. So my options are even more restricted.
    Woodlands reminds me of the one from Tirumala .:)

    1. If you are only going to the Disney parks, these resorts are nice. It is very easy to go back and forth from the hotel and your trip will be stress free as long as you can eat the food there 🙂

      We used to go to Tirumala every year and me an my brother insisted on eating at Woodlands every time.

    1. Yep.. he does have his priorities right 🙂

      After eating those waffles, I almost wanted to buy one of those Mickey shaped waffle makers. But, they were very expensive 🙁

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