Kids playing with their swords at Disneyland
Kids playing with their swords at Disneyland

Vacations are supposed to make you feel refreshed and let you escape the everyday routines. So, we decided to take a vacation to LA to visit my sister-in-law’s family. She has two kids.

We left on Wednesday night (the day before Thanksgiving). We drove to Milwaukee to take the flight. We had heavy traffic on the roads and we got to the airport just in time for the flight. When we got to LA, the local time was 10:30 PM. My sister-in-law came to the airport to pick us up and there was so much traffic at the airport. When we finally got home, the kids got so excited to see each other and started playing. So, we finally slept at 1:30. The next three days we made so many plans and did not sleep well at all. We went to Sea world in San Diego and then to Disneyland. The kids were so excited to see all the animals in Sea world and of course they we excited to see Mickey and Minnie in Disneyland. We were exhausted.

We came back yesterday and were so tired. We are now refreshed but very tired. We just wish we had a couple of more days to relax in LA. We had good Indian food. Now, I am all ready to start my work but I can see that Sarath is missing his cousins. He is bored at home now and I feel sorry. Wish we lived closer to our family so we can meet more often.

But, he is excited about all his new toys we bought him in LA and all the toys his aunt bought him. Hopefully that should keep him engaged and help him come back to his routine in a couple of days.

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