I feel like I can breathe again. It has been hectic since January. Even though I was happy that work was keeping me busy, it also hit me hard that working as a freelancer is no piece of cake. All the stress of work and home are finally getting to me and I feel more depressed and lazy than ever. I just feel like curling up on the sofa reading a book just like I used to do when I was in college 🙂 But, since I cannot afford to do that and also because I am tired of feeling like this, I decided that coming back to blogging regularly should help me. So, here I am after a loooong break.

So many things happened that I wanted to write about but, never made the time for it. Hopefully, I will write more often.

Sanjay is going to be 4 pretty soon. I cannot believe how fast the kids are growing up. Sanjay can read small words now and likes to read a book all by himself. Yesterday, Sarath was teaching Sanjay how to read. That was the cutest thing ever. Sarath was so patient. As for me, I am loving this current phase of life as I feel the kids are their best ages. They can play together and generally spend time together. Their interests are mostly similar. They can spend hours together building tracks, or lego’s. That also means that they fight like crazy. But, I do not interfere most of the times and I can hear them fighting, crying and laughing again all in a span of 5 min 🙂

Sarath is in that cute age where he can neither be called a little kid nor a big kid. Sometimes he acts so mature and there are times when he suddenly behaves like a 3 yr old! But, I guess when he grows out of this phase, I am going to miss it. Over the weekend, I had severe throat infection and was very sick. Sarath made green tea for me! I gave him instructions and he did really good. He not only made the tea, but also carried the hot cup all the way upstairs without spilling one drop!!! I was happy beyond words. The one thing I am having trouble with is getting Sarath to eat lunch everyday. That has been driving my crazy. He is usually very good with food. He has his reservations with trying out new food but, otherwise he eats a variety of food. But, lately, the lunch box always comes back half full 🙁 His usual complaint is that he does not have time which I agree to an extent. I am constantly trying out new combinations of snack and lunch to give him a variety of healthy foods to eat. Let’s hope that works.

Now that April is here, we are able to see more sun 🙂 So, I am taking the kids onto the trail regularly and it just feels so nice to be outside. Can’t wait to start my garden (aka potted plants)! So, that’s it for today. How have you all been doing? I will hop over to your blogs and read your posts eventually.

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  1. Sanjay is going to be four soon? Wow. Based on how mature he sounds (that girls books comment), I would say Sarath is a big kid now.

    I cant wait for more sunny dats either. 🙂

    1. That’s exactly what I meant – he says things that leave me stunned and sometimes I wonder if he is still a 3 or 4 yr old kid 🙂

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