This is the hot topic in our house now. Sarath is going to be 3 pretty soon and we are only half way through potty training. If we were living in India, he would be 100% potty trained by now. He was doing very well before we went to India. After that trip, now he does not tell us when he needs to go. He just goes in his diaper and then tells us. So, DH and I decided that we have to tackle the problem slowly and not shout at him for not telling us.

As soon as he turned two, we started potty training. We gave him stickers when ever he went on the potty. That worked like magic and in no time, he started telling us every time. After the India trip, he has grown up and stickers no longer do the trick. So, I thought hard and came up with a plan. I went and bought some small shiny stones that looked like jewels. Then, I told him that every time he tells me without soiling his diaper, I will give him a jewel that he can put in a jar. Once he collects 6 jewels, I will read him 4 books at bedtime. This took a while to sink into his brain. But, now it works most of the time. He is getting much better at telling us now and his diaper stays dry for a longer time. Now, we are at the stage where he wears his underwear when he is at home instead of diapers. He has some accidents, but is doing really great.

Giving him jewels is also helping him learn his math. Last week, when he had an accident on the carpet, DH said, “I am taking one jewel from the jar (the jar had six) because, you did not tell us. The next time you tell us, I will give it back.” Sarath immediately said, “If you take away one, there will only be 5 jewels in the jar. amma will not read my 4 books if I do not have 6 jewels”. We were amazed at how fast he did the math. Every time I give him a jewel, he counts. Sometimes, when he has 4 jewels, he asks me for two more instead of one so that he can get to six faster. It is so cute to see this little person learn so much. These are the times when I feel proud to be a mommy!

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