Weeks are just flying by and I just feel lost in between work, kids, house hold chores and trying to get enough sleep. I have stopped thinking about movies or reading which are luxuries for us now. I have no idea what I do all day but at the end, I barely have time to relax or talk with S or read a book/magazine. I read all the posts in my reader but, do not get the time to comment. When I write comments from my phone, they seem to get posted to the wrong blogs for some reason. I have been reading on some time management tips and those do not seem to help me much. Added to that, we have been going through a really big cycle of cold and cough which does not seem to have an end 🙁

I know I never gave an update on our house hunt – we found a nice independent house and moved into it. We love this house. It has a huge backyard (S did the lawn moving until now 🙂  ) and plenty of natural light. We also have a huge balcony which I love love love the most. It is very nice for the kids to play and it is very easy for me to keep an eye on them while cooking or taking care of some other stuff. I give them sidewalk chalk and they go crazy with that on the deck. The second thing I like about the house is that we have hardwood floors! When we saw the house, I was not very sure if that would be fine. I thought hardwood floors might need regular maintenance. But, I am really happy now. I don’t have to worry about things spilling on the carpet, cleaning up the stains etc. Cleaning up after dinner is a breeze now. I just sweep the floor and mop it up and I am done in 15 min 🙂

Spring is here and the weather has been really good for the past few days with very little rain and more sunny days. Hope summer comes early and we get to enjoy the outdoors a little bit. That might actually take the stress out of our daily lives.

Ah I am so happy I found a few min to write here today. I just hope I can write here more often.




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  1. Good to hear some update from you TM. I was wondering about your house hunt. Hope you didnt move far from us. I think its great for kids to have a spacious home.

    I can imagine how tough your day is. Please try to see if you can reduce some of your tasks. Maybe cook twice a week? I know its tough but hopefully your days will feel relaxed soon.

    Love that weather is getting better. Have fun

    1. We are still close by. We should definitely plan on meeting once you are back in Seattle.

      I am still in the process of figuring out what can be deleted from my daily chores to get more time. Hopefully things will get better soon 🙂

  2. Great come back post TM 🙂 I have been missing to read you .. I am do glad to hear you found that perfect home, can I ask for pictures. I love home tours 🙂

    Time management it never works for me , I mean what ever is written in those books. Make a plan looking at your schedule . I am giving you lecture but I myself lagging in all areas.. Big hugs to you..

  3. Same here life has been quite hectic here…some how i try to pull out some time for blogs.. You clean the floor everyday..i don’t get time to do the entire house i just clean the kitchen and hall. In the evening i am too tried to do anything,

    Have fun planting plants in the back yard…..I am planning to get pots for my balcony….weather is quite good now….

    1. I wish I can pull some time for my blog too. I really miss writing here.

      I do not clean the entire house everyday. I just clean the dining area and kitchen. I was scared that we would have to do the entire house on a daily basis. But, it is not that bad and not having a carpet in the dining area works really well 🙂

      The owners have already planted a few trees – apple, prunes etc. I am planning to start a vegetable garden. If it comes out good, I will post pics here 🙂

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