The memorial day weekend – a glorious 3 day weekend was spent cleaning our house. We had planned on going somewhere but we were not able to get a hotel in the last minute and we cancelled it. The kids had a great time playing what ever they wanted and watching a bit too much TV. But, we let them do that so that we will be able to work in peace. I did not cook on Saturday and Sunday. We ate outside or ordered some food. It felt good. We cleared a lot of boxes and donated a bunch of stuff. We have an entire box full of stuff that we wanted to sell. I still have not got around to put it on sale πŸ™


Our India trip is in less than two weeks! I am happy about the trip but also worried about some aspects of it. I just hope everything goes well. My sister-in-law’s kids are coming with us to India. My SIL and her husbandΒ are coming here to drop of the kids and we are all flying together. Sarath is very excited about this. The kids surely are going to have fun. Sarath keeps planning everyday about the toys he wants to take and all the games they can play together πŸ™‚


We (myself and Sanjay) were walking Sarath to school in the morning. The kids were shouting and singing along the way. I told them not to sing and shout on the road to which Sanjay immediately said “but, we are not on the road amma.. we are on the sidewalk”.


Sarath is very much into Pokemon now. He got a Pokemon book from school and started reading it all the time. He started teaching me the different names and the powers of the different Pokemon characters. I could hardly remember a couple of names the first day. He is on a roll though reading it everyday and memorizing every character.


Sanjay is so much into learning spellings now. He keeps asking me to teach him the spellings of different words. Everyday as we walk back from school in the morning, he wants to learn the spellings. I have been teaching him the same few words everyday. I think he also feels left out compared to Sarath because he cannot read or write yet. He is desperate to learn both Β and keeps asking me to teach him πŸ™‚ It is so cute. everyday when Sarath does his reading, Sanjay gets a book and starts reading as well. There are a few books in which he has memorized the entire stories and he loves to read them πŸ™‚

When ever Sarath is writing, Sanjay wants to write something too. He was so sad that he does not have a book or a pencil box like anna. So, I found an empty box and put some pencils, eraser and crayons in it and also gave him a spare book. He feels like such a big boy now carrying those around when he wants to “work”. Today I taught him lines ( vertical, horizontal etc) and he figured out that by combining those lines, he can write the alphabets. It’s amazing to see how much he is influenced by Sarath.



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  1. Same punch during Memorial Day weekend I didn’t cook at all πŸ™‚

    Wishing a great vacation back home. I am sure you will have fun.

    Kids are so adorable , love the way Sanjay tries to imitate his brother.

    1. It feels so good not to cook once in a while πŸ™‚

      Thanks! I can’t wait to see my parents and brother..

      Yeah it is amazing to see the influence of Sarath on Sanjay. It is good and bad in its own ways πŸ™‚

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