What was I thinking when I decided to do the blogathon for a month? Here I am 9 days into it and today I almost wanted to skip my post and go to bed. But, then decided to keep up with it.

Yesterday, I went shopping for clothes. It used to me my favorite thing to do. It used to be so easy to find something for myself in very less time. These days, it is more of a chore to go and buy some clothes. The most irritating thing is that I am in between two sizes now 🙁 So, I have to search for a while until I find one that fits properly. Who ever makes these clothes do not think about people like me who fluctuate between two sizes constantly. The pants should have some kind of adjustable waist so that it is easy. I have some really good pants which used to fit me nicely. But, they do not have any belt loops so now I cannot wear them as I lost a few pounds. When I go shopping with S, I do end up buying some nice pants and t-shirts. He has lots of patience to look for the right ones 🙂

Every weekend, I think about getting everything ready for the week like cutting fruits & vegetables as much as I can, writing down a menu so that I don’t have to think about it every evening and stuff like that. But, at the end of Sunday, I only get half of it done. When the week starts, it is all very nice. I get up early and get everything done on time. By the Thursday comes along, I am sleep deprived, don’t feel like cooking anything, the house is a mess and sometimes I don’t even know where to start if I want to clean it up. I am in that almost zombie state right now. Added to that the weather here has been really yucky for the past three days. It has been raining constantly and is driving me crazy. Hopefully the sun will come out over the weekend. I am already telling myself that I should get everything done on the weekend and be ready for Monday. I sure know how that’s going to be.

Parenting sure is hard work. Sanjay usually loves his day care. Yesterday, he cried a lot asking for mommy but, it was not for long. Today, he started the crying session at breakfast itself and he did not want to let me go. I felt so bad to go to work today. He cried for a long time today even after going to day care and even his teacher was surprised. When she asked him why wants mommy, he told her that he is a baby and babies should be with mommies 🙂 Today I talked to him and told him that he should not cry like that and I will back everyday to pick him up from day care. I am sure I am going to see the crying scene again tomorrow 🙁 We really don’t know what’s going on with him.


When I started writing this post, I was not sure about what to write. I am just happy that I did not miss today. I really want to finish this blogathon. Please give me some encouragement to write everyday even if I am tired.



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  1. Ha..ha.. have you seen my blog. Everything is irrelevant and stupid there.
    Ok, you can write 2-3 posts together when you have time and schedule it. Come on, blogathon is so much fun. you can do it 🙂

  2. Believe me, you are not the only one with those size between problems. Some of my friends do too, including myself. Someone told me if you try another brand for the same size, it might work. But I never tried it.

    Ahh Poor Sanjay crying when leaving you. I can imagine how hard it must be for you. Maybe its just a phase? Hugs to you both.

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