1. Sarath’s school started last week. it was a short week because of labor day. It went well. He loves his school. He always wanted to go to the school on a bus. But because we live right behind the school, he cannot take it. We have to drop him off or walk him to school. Initially we had planned to drop him and pick him up. But, a couple of days before school started, one of our neighbors showed us a short cut path to the school. When we go through that path, we can walk to the school in 5 min which is very convenient. He loves walking to and from school.

2. Since last week, I am working part time. I made this decision based on two facts. One was that Sarath did not get into an after school program where he can go in the bus. If we have to pick him up and drop him off at after school care every day, it really does not serve the purpose. The second reason is that I wanted to work on increasing my programming skills. I haven’t seriously started on that one yet. I pick up both the kids and come home almost an hour and a half early. It definitely feels a bit relaxed.

3. I have finally made time to read books on a regular basis. I love it. I started with Harry Potter. I reserved it at our local library and when I got the book, I was not sure how soon I will be able to finish the book. I thought I will read atleast 10 – 15 min each day. When I started reading, I realized that there is no way I can put the book down in 15 min. Every time I opened the book, I read for at least 45 min. When I got the second one, I finished it in a week! I was so happy. I wish I had put the third book on hold earlier. Now, I am done with two books and I am waiting to get the third one from the library.

4. Summer is over and we are having cool weather again. This week  was particularly warm which is very unusual for September. But now we have say bye bye to Mr.Sun for almost 8 months  🙁 We will have mostly cloudy and rainy days again until June which I hate about Seattle.

I had thought of a few more things this afternoon that I wanted to write here. I just cannot remember it now. Sign! If only I can improve my memory. Hope all of you had a wonderful week. Have a happy weekend 🙂

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  1. Do you have an option to work part time. How awesome is that. Finding a balance between work and home is never an easy task. I know how you feel about the cloudy days. I have experienced 2 such winters at Portland where we hardly see sun for 8months.

    1. I do not have an option to work part time. I just decided that I am going to cut down my hours. I talked to my boss and he was ok with it. It was not an easy decision but, I decided to do it anyway. Now, I am very happy that I am working part time.

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