It has been so long since I wrote a post here. I feel lost. So, I thought I will ease myself into writing again with some random updates.

1. Sarath is growing up so fast. He is now in the Jr. Kindergarden room in his daycare. He is the only kid that was moved up from his 3yr old room and he is loving it. They have more activities and games now. The kids are learning about calendars, weather, sharing and a whole lot more. He is now starting to read books all by himself (level 1 reading books). Any word he sees, he has to read it. He hates writing though. If you ask him to spell words or do additions with out writing, he is all for it! Cannot believe he is going to be a 4 year old this month. WOW time flies!

2. Speaking of growing up, Sanjay is almost 6 months old already! He is eating baby cereal, fruits and veggies twice a day. He loves it. He recognizes me, his dad and Sarath. When Sarath is home, Sanjay is all smiles. He loves to look at his big brother jump and play with cars. He is slowly learning that there is more to life than eat, poop and sleep and shouts oh so loudly when he needs to be picked up. He now laughs, giggles and loves to play. Oh, I love this age so much 🙂

3. I have been really busy trying to get some freelance projects, setting up the bommala koluvu for Dasera, setting up Halloween decorations and the never ending process of keeping the house clean! Taking care of two kids and trying to work from home is not easy. I can never understand how people have the energy to take care of three or four kids.

4. As if we do not have enough on our To-Do list, our dishwasher stopped working suddenly last month. We called the technician and he said it would be a $130.00 charge to just come and check the problem. Our dishwasher is an old one and we already had to get it fixed once in the past. So, after a lot of contemplation, we got a new dishwasher.

5. Oh and I started learning Bharatanatyam again. I actually started it last year and had to stop because I was expecting. I am so happy that I decided to do this. Our dance school had an annual day last week, and I did a small dance on stage! I was very nervous but did a good job.

I have to go now and I hope I will get enough time to write regularly here. Until then, bye…..

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    1. Thank you 🙂 Well, I have always wanted to learn Bharatanatyam and finally thought I will plunge into it. DH does help a lot with the kids when I am gone for dance. Not having many projects on hand also makes it easier to pursue my interests.

  1. So nice to read about Sharath and Sanjay growing up 🙂 Luv to both of them.
    I wanna get back to Bharatnatyam too, but its just not happening 🙁 Glad u r taking classes 🙂

    1. You should find a teacher and just jump into it like me 🙂 Everything else will fall into place. I am so glad I am taking classes. I feel so refreshed after my class every week.

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