Rocking a baby to sleep feels so good. I used to rock Sarath all the time when he was a baby. I loved it as much as he did. Watching him fall asleep in my arms felt so good. I don’t remember when we stopped rocking him at bed time. We slowly shifted him from a rocking chair and let him fall asleep in his crib while listening to music. Once he turned two, we shifted him to a bed and the rocking chair had to come out of his room. Now, we don’t spend as much time with him in the rocking chair. I miss that. I read so many stories to him while rocking him and that was a wonderful time. Now, we read stories on the bed.

Today, we were casually rocking in the chair and he started feeling sleepy. So, I let him rock with me for 20 min and he fell asleep. I could just stare at him forever while he is peacefully sleeping in my arms. He put his arms around mine and was holding me tight. It was so cute 🙂 I do not know why I put him on his bed.

I miss the baby days so much. I really wish I could go back and enjoy the last two years one more time!

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  1. awww that is such a wonderful feeling,last night i was watching Aku sleep and wanted to crush him and kiss him tight. Give me love to Sarath and go on try the rocking chair every weekend 🙂

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