Last week was very busy. We had a lot of work which meant sleepless nights. We were constantly tired. I was so tired that I forgot to send the sleeping bag to Sarath’s day care. The dumb mommy that I am, did not even realize that until his teacher mentioned it in the evening. They had an extra one which they gave him but, he knew it was not his and kept asking for his sleeping bag and pillow. He needs the pillow to sleep. I felt soooo bad. I felt like I was the worst mom in the whole world. How could I forget something like that? I was so sorry for him and the fact that he did not sleep properly that day made me feel much worse. Sarath doesn’t even remember it anymore and I am the one still feeling guilty about it.

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  1. AAh, it happens 🙂 Hopefully life will improve and all of you will have more sleep. Everything is better with sleep. See Sharat has forgotten it…you should too!

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