This week went by so quickly that I almost hate it. Sarath’s school is closed today and Monday being memorial day, he gets a 4 day weekend. Since I don’t have to worry about getting lunch ready in the morning or getting Sarath ready for school, I get a 4 day weekend as well 🙂

I had a really good time with Sanjay this week. Last week, I was clearing out the kids closet and there are a bunch of toys that are gifts from various friends and we haven’t opened a few of them. I thought I will need to get a few of them out this week since Sanjay will be home and he might get bored. But, we did not need them at all so far. The weather has been nice and I took him to the park in the morning for a couple of days. two days ago, I was checking my email and paying bills and I set him up with a basket ball hoop and his piano in the basement and he just had so much fun. Yesterday, he was bored in the morning. I couldn’t take him to the park as my right foot was hurting a lot and I just needed to rest a bit. He wanted some printouts to color but, unfortunately, I am having a problem with my laptop and I cannot print anything. He was just very upset. Then, finally I blew up some balloons that are elongated and not the regular shape. He was very happy. He played with them for a long time. There was one really big balloon that was a rocket ship and a fishing pole and a couple of other things. He sat on the sofa and was fishing. I was happy to watch that he was finally able to entertain himself. Yesterday was the first day, I gave him my phone to play for a little while. As I said, my feet were hurting really bad and I coudn’t walk much and he needed some entertainment. The funny thing is that when Sarath is home, the kids fight a lot to play with that one toy – what ever it might be. But, when Sarath is in school, Sanjay does not feel like playing with those toys alone. I guess they are not good unless there is some competetion 🙂

Yesterday Sarath’s school had a used book sale, art showcase and ice cream social. As soon as school was over, we went to the book sale. There were a lot of books. We bought home a bunch of books and they were very cheap too. Sanjay was holding onto one book he really liked and he wanted to look at the pictures even before I bought it. The library was packed with people and there was no place to sit. So, he went under a table and looked at the pictures while I was looking at other books. 🙂

The art showcase was in the evening. All the kids art works were on display and every piece of art was their personal best. I did not take my camera with me thinking I could just take some pics with my phone. But, suddenly the camera app in the phone stopped working 🙁 Talk about perfect timing.. sigh!!

There was also ice cream in the school. They sold ice cream cups and the idea is the families will come together and mingle while the kids can play. There was chocolate and vanilla ice cream. It was a nice evening and the weather was perfect for a cup of ice cream. After the ice cream, we went out the play ground as the kids wanted to play. While we were there, I saw Sarath picking up some ice cream bowls and spoons that were scattered around. When I asked him why he was picking them up, he said “I am being responsible. We need to clean up after ourselves. I am going to throw this in the trash.” It was amazing to hear this from a 6 year old kid. He then did 3 or 4 trips to the trash can and cleaned up a lot. While he was doing this, his principal noticed it and told him that she will give him an extra ‘Beagle of the week’ award. This is an award the students get for showing good behavior. One kid from every class gets this award each week. Sarath already got his award a few weeks back and now he is going to get an extra award. He was so excited about this 🙂 I am so proud of him.

The only sad part about this week is that S has been extremely busy at work. We hardly had time to talk to each other this entire week. He is coming home exhausted and has had to work again into the night. They had a deadline early this week which has been now postponed to Tuesday. So, there goes my idea of a fun long weekend. Hopefully, we can have a little bit of fun before he has to work on the weekend.

Have a happy weekend!!

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