It has been snowing non stop since morning. I did not even know there was a snow storm prediction today. I was in my own world making plans for shopping at Target with my dear son. He loves to go there. I was hoping that the snow would end in the afternoon and we can go. But no… it is still snowing. There is a winter weather advisory until tomorrow morning.

Now I am in the state where I start to hate the snow and winter and everything related to it. I am so ready for Spring. Usually around November I look forward for the first snow. It is beautiful and looks like a winter wonderland outside. When it starts accumulating and then slush follows…. that is when I hate the snow. I am still okay because it would not be freezing cold outside. When the freezing temperatures hit a couple of times, I start thinking about life back in India and how we do not have to face all these snow storms and freezing temperatures etc etc…

This year I will be traveling to India in summer and it will be Hot. We will be traveling from 30 F to around 90 F. I am sure I will complain about the heat all the while in India and the moment I come back, I will complain how cold it is here. Well at least in India, I get to wear all my cool cotton selwars and dress up everyday.

I hate winter. Spring where are you????

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