By Jim Aylesworth.

A very nice book. It is the extended version of the age old nursery rhyme. As the clock strikes from one to twelve, the mouse does a lot more than just running down. The mouse has a name Kevin (which we find out later in the story), rolls on the floor, shows off to a girl, gets chased by a cat and loves to eat pie. The story is about what a mouse does all day and ends with his mama reading him a book and when the clock strikes twelve, the mouse is finally asleep.

It rhymes beautifully and the simple words catch the attention of kids. It helps kids learn numbers and simple words. It also helps in teaching the kids to tell time. Sarath loves it so much that he has memorized all the verses. He turns each page and starts saying the verses as if he is reading from the book. He never gets bored of reading this book and is always sad to return it in the library.

The illustrations by Eileen Christelow are very bright and colorful. The colors look like water colors and the entire book is very lively. I totally recommend this book all the parents with little kids who love reading.

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