Every day bed time is something that I love and hate for various reasons. When it is time to go to bed, somehow the kids just know that they can delay it as much as they want. Sarath just takes the longest possible time to brush his teeth and Sanjay wants to brush his teeth because his big bro is doing it but, instead ends up playing with the brush for ever. Somehow that time in the bathroom never seems to end.

We finally get into bed armed with books hoping that reading a few pages will somehow give them the calmness required to fall asleep. They get their favorite books and start reading. Now, this is my favorite part as we read books together, talk about them and just drift into a whole new world. Then in the middle of the serious book reading, I stop to tell the kids that the lights need to be out in 5 min. I am pretty darn sure that the kids did not hear me. My heart tells me not to turn off the lights that fast and to let them read for a while.. but, my brain tells me that I am doing the right thing. Then after reading for a few more min (definitely more than 5 min), I close the books and tell them it is time to sleep. Sometimes, I win and the kids just listen (Oh how good that feels!!). Then there are those times when the kid(s) starts wailing at the top of their lungs because they cannot read anymore. Now, my mommy heart feels very passionate and starts thinking “May be I am being too hard on these kids. After all they just want to read for a little while”. But, my get-up-in-the-morning-and-rush-to-work brain tells me I am doing the right thing. Now, did I tell you I don’t like my brain sometimes.

Then, I use all my magical powers to calm them down and we are finally lying in bed with the lights off. Now, is the time when Sarath decides to talk to me about his day or ask me all the hundred-million questions he ever needs to ask or just wants a sip of water!! Then Sanjay wants to sleep on my belly or sing songs. He is learning a lot at day care now and he wants to practice 🙂 I let them talk and sing for a little while in whispering voices. By this time, the kids are all calmed down and really sleepy. Then, I start to think, do I just go out now and let the kids fall asleep by themselves or do I just stay for a few more min until they fall asleep? I love to watch them slowly fall asleep… but, they also need to learn to fall asleep by themselves. So, the decision usually depends on a lot of factors and varies daily.

One of the main reasons I love bed time is because, I get to relax while the kids are reading and I love reading to them and when I lie down with them, it feels just right. I sometimes fall asleep with them and S has to come and wake me up :). With me working full time, the time I spend with the kids is a lot less than before and bed time is perfect to get that few extra hugs, some silly laughs and to generally chat about their day and I hope that the kids will have some good memories about their bed time 🙂

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  1. What a cute post TM. I felt like I am reading some of my own experiences. For ex, I like to stay with Abhi, cuddle and watch him fall asleep. I love doing that, but I have to rush away because there is another baby in queue to be put to bed (and Achu takes forever 🙂 ). But you are so right, that time is so relaxing and precious. I also agree that kids need to fall asleep on their own. Abhi does now and Achu’s is work in progress.

    How nice would it be if we didnt have to care so much about the morning routines. isnt it?

    1. Oh it would be wonderful if I don’t have to worry about rushing to work in the morning. But again, getting out of the home and being away from all this hustle-bustle for a few hours is really necessary I guess (atleast for me :)).

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