Yesterday Sarath’s school had some pajama and book party where they had a person named Michelle read a few books to the kindergarten kids. Michelle is an author and illustrator. She talked about how she listened to her heart and followed her dreams. It was interesting to see a room full of kindergarten kids sit silently and listen to her for 1 hour. 

The most interesting part of the evening for me was the whatif monster. So, when ever you have a doubt in your mind (what if I am wrong? what if all the others laugh at me? etc etc…), you should give away all your worries to the what if monster. He loves to worry 🙂 So, you are free to try out the new thing without any worries. If you make a mistake, you just tell the what if monster that it is okay and you are going to try again. There is also a book – Jonathan James and the what if monster which she read to the kids yesterday and it is a very nice book. This is the what if monster plus toy. Cute monster if you ask me.


I thought it is an interesting way to teach kids to try new things – it might be a new food, a new sport, making a new friend at school or anything that worries little minds. Sarath already knew the what if monster and he totally loved her books. We even bought a couple of books yesterday. Here is the link to her site if you want to know more about her books. 

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