A few weeks back, Sarath was lying on the bed in the morning. He did not want to get up and I was just talking to him. I love those little talks in the morning. He was talking about what a big boy he is now and all the things that big boys can do etc etc…

Then he said “amma, babies inside the tummy are really small and they cry all the time. I am a big boy so, I do not cry”

Me: “No, the babies do not cry when they are inside the tummy. They play happily”

Sarath: “Are there toys in your tummy????”

I just could not control my laughter. I told him there are no toys but the babies just play by wiggling their hands and feet. Then he said “is that it? They just wiggle their hands and feet?” Not sure what he was thinking…. but, I still cannot stop admiring his imagination 🙂

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