Two Hours

Last Thursday, I had worked a couple of extra hours. Since I am an hourly employee, I decided to take a couple of hours off on Friday. Unexpected couple of hours off on any day is always nice. But, on a Friday, it feels wonderful. So, I started thinking about what I can do in those two hours. I thought about cleaning up the house in the morning and going in late to work. But, I really did not feel like doing so. I decided to go into work the regular time and leave a couple of hours early. It was raining all morning and it was supposed to be sunny all afternoon. Then I thought about all the things I needed to do, and the list was as usual endless.

I thought I could go shoe shopping, or go get groceries peacefully, or get a mani-pedi, or just go to Starbucks and work on a project I have been trying to finish and so went the list. Once, in the office, I made sure I told my project manager that I was going to leave early. I was determinedly working on my task trying to finish it before I leave. I was done 15 min past the time I planned to leave and I was happy. But, just when I was ready to shut down my computer, my boss walks in and tells me that he has the time to help me with a task which I had been asking him for a week. I was disappointed but, I just stayed back, finished talking to him and left. All this took 1 hour and I was just left with one precious hour before I had to go and pick up the kids.

I slowly walked out of my office while I was deciding what I can do in this one hour. I was sad that I couldn’t do much as I only had one hour. So, I went in to Quizzno’s Subs, had a nice Guacamole sandwich and enjoyed some quiet time while eating lunch away from my desk. I lazily sat there eating and watching people go by and enjoyed the Sun and the Tulips blooming all around. When I was finally done, I went and bought some plants. So much for the planning of spending some quality two hours by myself but, when I came home of Frdiay, I felt very relaxed. It’s a wonder what an hour of free time can do!!


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  1. Ahh. After having kids, having two hours will seem like bliss. Glad you got to enjoy it. 🙂 We should have more two hours off every week. 🙂

  2. Having some of those me time could do wonders 🙂

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