I had my baby boy. I was so happy to hear him cry for the first time. My mom was here from India to help me with the baby. We were all very tired and very happy.

Everybody told me that parenting is very hard. It is I agree. But , I think it also depends on the personality of your child. My cutie pie is a very very good kid. I don’t say this often but I am lucky to have him. He never gives us a hard time. Yeah he fusses for meals sometimes or has a tantrum but that is normal. He loves to eat everything. Hope this habit stays with him. At 2, he cleans up his toys everyday(with our help ofcourse). He is already half way through potty training. What more can I ask?

Today, on his 2nd b’day, I am trying to think of all the good times we shared. I don’t think me and my husband laughed as much before he was born. Though I am dreading the terrible two’s, I am thankful for all the days I get to spend with him. Though I complain that he is tearing the house apart, I don’t like it when he doesn’t make a mess:)

Yes he makes me cry sometimes (when I am cooking and he is in the kitchen busy emptying the shelves or throwing my slippers in the kitchen sink). But, he is truly the light of our world. I just hope we do a good job in making him successful in life.

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  1. Hello!

    Congratulations on getting your blog up and running. I saw your posting on manic mommies and wanted to applaud another mommy contributing to the “blogasphere” and putting it out there. I also participate in blogging at http://www.melephantintheroom.com/blog.

    I liked this post so much. It sounds like you have a really special connection to your little one. Look forward to reading more from time to time. Take care,


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