This weekend was very relaxing. We had originally planned to go out on Saturday morning. But, when I woke up, I decided that I did not want to go anywhere. I had work to do and I wanted to get it done yesterday so that I can relax today. The kids started playing and I started working in the morning. I got done with some of my work that I had planned to do on Monday. It felt so good for once to finish my work earlier than expected. and I slept for a little bit in the afternoon and then lazed around in the evening.

Sarath’s friend G is came for a sleepover yesterday. So, I made pizza. The kids had pizza and ice cream. I had originally planned for them to watch a movie after dinner. But, neither of them were interested in the movie. They just wanted to play. Sarath is very happy to have his friend over. They played until 10:30 and then slowly settled into bed. Even after lights off, they were talking for a while before falling asleep. G is a pretty easy going kid. He does not fuss for anything. He eats what ever I give him. He tells me if he does not like it and listens if we tell him something.

This morning, Sarath woke up earlier than me but G slept on for a while. After he woke up, the kids had breakfast together and started playing with lego’s. G wanted to stay until lunch but his dad came to pick him up. The kids already decided that they are going to have a play date again next weekend. These two kids get along very nicely and so do myself and his mom. G’s mom already offered to take care of the kids if me and S wanted to go for a movie or dinner. I am definitely going to take up that offer sometime soon 🙂

S made noodles for lunch today. After lunch I just settled on the sofa thinking I will just relax and read something for a little while and then finish my blog post for today. But, once I was cozy on the sofa, I just did not feel like getting up. I ended up relaxing and reading something on the phone for about two hours. It is rare for me to get so much time on the weekend to just relax and read. I just loved every moment of it 🙂

This evening was routine – talking to India, dinner and bedtime for the kids. Since the kids don’t have school tomorrow, I let them stay up for a little while. So, I am now back to writing my post before I go to bed. It has been a while since we all had such a relaxing weekend. It was raining really bad the entire weekend and it felt good to stay indoors and relax. Granted that I missed somethings that we wanted to go and see. But, I really liked this down time and doing nothing. Now, believe it or not, I am ready for Monday 🙂




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