Another weekend has gone by in a flash!! Sigh!!!! I can never understand how two full days can go by and at the end of it my to-do list still seems to be the same and I don’t feel much relaxed either. Yesterday, I woke up, relaxed for a few min and set about making breakfast and lunch. I had to take Sarath to his music classes and since S was out of town, I had to take Sanjay along with me. So, I cleaned the house a little bit, made lunch and then went to the class. This was his first class and Sarath did well. He has been showing interest in music for a while now. I had told Sanjay that he would have to stay quiet and listen. I was not sure of how he would do. But, to my surprise, he sat very quietly for 30 min which is too much for his age. But, because the class clashes with Sanjay’s lunch and nap time, he was cranky the entire ride home. Then, lunch was another issue but luckily S came back from the trip while the kids were having lunch and that helped a lot 🙂 They were very excited to see him and were in a happy mood.

After lunch, S slept along with Sanjay and I sat watching TV. After S woke up, I gave him the job of taking care of everything – kids, cooking, dinner etc and I told him that I am going to need the evening to relax and catch up on my work. That was very nice and I did get some work stuff done although not everything.

Today was a busy day. S had loads of work today. So, I took the kids and went to the grocery and Target. By the time we were done with everything, the kids were hungry and so, they ate pizza outside. There was a birthday party invitation for us in the afternoon. My plan was to drop off the groceries at home and then go to the party with the kids. But, since Sanjay was very tired and sleepy, I decided to let him sleep. So, after he fell asleep, me and Sarath went to the party. Sarath had lots of fun. Then, we came home and it was the usual stuff with dinner, folding laundry, dishes etc….

So, what exactly did I do this weekend? I am not sure. I am happy that I got some work done. But, now at the end of Sunday, I don’t exactly feel relaxed. There are many things that I did not get done – major one being clearing the clutter around the house and doing some re-organizing in the kitchen. Well, because I am trying very hard to focus on the positive things, I am going to be happy for being able to relax on Saturday. I have just decided to put an extra effort over the week to get things cleared up and organized.


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