Weekends are usually busier for me than the week days. I tend to cram in so many things that I feel very tired every Sunday night. But, this weekend was different. Saturday morning I woke up with stomach cramps. I did have a lot of things on my list as usual. But, after breakfast, I decided that I had to take some rest because of the cramps. So, S did the cooking. He made mac and cheese for the kids and a stir fry with coconut milk for us while I settled down with my Harry Potter book. I was very close to finishing the 3rd one. So, I had an amazing time reading while the kids played and had lunch. After putting Sanjay down for his nap, I got back to reading and finished the book 🙂

After lunch, I started to re-organize our office room. I worked only on the closet in the room which took around 2 hours but looked very good after I was done with it. Later in the evening, we did some yard work. We then went out to the new chat place for dinner. Sanjay had a cold and cough so did not eat much. But, he did finish his mango lassi 🙂 All of us ate and then went grocery shopping. We finally came home at 8:15 and then did some video chatting my brother in India. By the time the kids slept, it was 9:30 or so and I was very tired to do anything and collapsed in bed.

Sunday morning, the kids actually let us sleep until 7:00 am (they usually get up at 6:00 even on the weekends 🙁 ). We ate breakfast and I started making Bisibele bath. S did the humongous task of folding all the laundry (3 loads) and putting them in shelves with help from his two little helpers. By the time we were done with lunch, it started to rain. The best thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon is to snuggle up with a book which is exactly what I did. I pulled out Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and snuggled in bed with Sanjay. Sarath was quietly playing with his lego’s without anybody disturbing him 🙂 It was a pretty relaxing afternoon.

In the evening, the kids were starting to get very cranky. So, I decided to take them to the play ground. It looked like it was going to rain any minute. We hardly stayed in the playground for 5 min and it started raining lightly. So, we came back home and luckily missed the heavy rain. The rest of the evening was very peaceful. The kids ate dinner and slept early. I wanted to write this post but, I settled down with my book 🙂

It was a very relaxing weekend and I actually felt like I did get some work done. I was actually ready to go to work this morning!

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  1. Its feels good that we got all the work done..but when we realize we didnt get any rest or that weekend is over, its stops feeling good, right? Good that you got both the thigns done this week. Breaking back over getting things done doesnt make any sense anymore for me.

  2. Your weekend is similar to mine and i am not getting time to read book…it’s been 2 months i didn’t read anything. Brought books from library but not able to pull out time for reading….Even i am not getting time for blogging….today i thought i will sleep late and will read all my fav blogs…

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