I started to blog when Sarath was about 1.5 years old. I just read a few blogs online and I was very impressed by their writing. I then wanted to write about my thoughts and experiences. I hesitated a bit but, I finally opened a blog on blogger. I wrote a couple of posts and then I went to India for a vacation and did not write much and then finally I stopped writing. A few months later, I created an account with WordPress and started again.

The major problem with me is that I am very self conscious. I always think a lot about what to write in the blog. There are so many topics that come to mind but I have a lot of trouble expressing it in words. I realized that when I started writing, I did not do a great job. I still kept writing because, who ever is reading this blog, does not know me personally. So, I felt okay to keep writing. As I wrote more, I improved a lot.

The reason I love this blog is because, it is absolutely my space. I can choose to write about anything I want to. I can vent when I need to. I can record some information in here which I can read a few years later. The things I want to improve with my blogging are: Write more about kids, Post more pictures  and be regular about it.

There are few blogs which I read regularly and are kind of my role model blogs:

http://readingthroughrsmind.wordpress.com/ – I liker her writing, and a lot of her views are similar to mine. It amazes me that she can manage everything and still find time to blog!

http://dilontherocks.wordpress.com/ – She puts a lot of effort into writing big posts while taking care of the twins. 🙂

http://weourlife.wordpress.com/ – I like her way of writing too. I love the travel posts that she writes and most of her views match with mine.

Ok now I am almost sleeping in front of my laptop and I have deleted and re-wrote a bunch of lines already. Hopefully there are no spelling mistakes.  I need to get some sleep!


PS: I am not having time to read all the blogs. I will slowly but surely read them.

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  1. I have been following your blog for almost 3 years. I keep coming back even those days when you were away from blog after the new born. I am previllaged to see my blog in this post. Thanks for being there.

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