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  • Terrible twos and trying threes

    When Sarath hit 2 years, everybody (especially parents of older kids) told us to be prepared for what’s coming next. The ‘terrible twos’. We were scared. But, he was the easiest kid on the block. He did have occasional tantrums but, they were so easy to control. It was a breeze. We always thought we […]

  • Are kids easier to manage as they get older??

    That’s what I thought when my son was a baby. I always said to myself, once he gets to the age where he can understand things and talk properly, it will be easier to deal with him. But, slowly I started realizing that this is not true. Actually, on some level I guess I always […]

  • My day until now

    Today the sun came out a bit and it feels good. The temperature is not bad either. It felt really good in the morning when we headed out to the library. Sarath is fighting the cold since Saturday and it is really hard for both of us. He is very tired, doesn’t want to eat […]