Author: Sushma

  • Summer 2022

    Summer 2022

    I finally made the time to write about our summer. After two years of not traveling, this summer was a welcome change. The summer went by in a jiffy – maybe I should say summer vacation because in California, summer is not over until end of October. Our summer vacation was super busy yet relaxing […]

  • Life Updates

    I cannot believe it is already the end of April. As usual I need to catch up with so many things and I barely get the time to go for a haircut on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel like it is only April and so many things already happened this year. Sanjay went on […]

  • Happiness Post

    Happiness is watching cousins having fun together after two and half years. We drove to my SIL’s place over the winter break and the kids had a lot of fun. We hadn’t been there after 2019 Summer thanks to Covid. It was a shot trip, but felt good to see all of them. Happiness is […]

  • Wordless Wednesday

    Wordless Wednesday
  • Happy New Year 2022

    Happy New Year 2022

    It has been more than a year since I wrote in my blog. As usual 2021 has been a very busy year. I feel like the time is just flying by and I am barely able to keep up. I took up a full time job in February of 2021. A remote job with a […]

  • Halloween


    This year’s Halloween was different like everything else. The kids didn’t get to wear costumes to school or go trick or treating. They were disappointed initially, but we convinced them saying it is better to stay home. They are old enough to understand, but were still not happy. They did play some Halloween games during […]

  • Dasera 2020

    Dasera 2020

    This year, the festivities are different. We have the bommala koluvu as usual, but did not visit anyone or have people over in the 10 days of Navratri. It all feels different. I have been meaning to buy more dolls for the koluvu whcih hasn’t happened this year either. Hopefully, next year I will have […]

  • Sanskrit Lessons

    This year has been the most unique year for everyone. My in-laws are currently with my brother in law and family. Over the summer break, my father in law asked if the kids would like to learn Sanskrit. S and I were happy although the kids were not sure. He started teaching Sanskrit to Sarath […]

  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg

    I am sad along with an entire nation about the passing away of an iconic woman – Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She is an inspiration to so many of us young and old. I always have a great reverence for women who are achievers, who have shown that anything is possible. There are many women in […]

  • Last day of school 2020

    Last day of school 2020

    The last day of school usually makes me a bit misty eyed every year! It makes me happy to see all the cheerful faces so proud of their achievements, talking animatedly to their friends, making plans for play dates, saying goodbye to teachers. The school campus feels so lively as it does on the first […]