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  • Halloween


    This year’s Halloween was different like everything else. The kids didn’t get to wear costumes to school or go trick or treating. They were disappointed initially, but we convinced them saying it is better to stay home. They are old enough to understand, but were still not happy. They did play some Halloween games during […]

  • Sanskrit Lessons

    This year has been the most unique year for everyone. My in-laws are currently with my brother in law and family. Over the summer break, my father in law asked if the kids would like to learn Sanskrit. S and I were happy although the kids were not sure. He started teaching Sanskrit to Sarath […]

  • Shelter in Place – Week 2

    This is the second week of us being at home. Here is California, we have the shelter in place orders. We can only go out for groceries and emergencies. Week 1 was generally okay. Schools are closed and we are working from home. I always work from home, so that’s not new to me, but […]

  • Artwork with reusable utensils

    Artwork with reusable utensils

    Sanjay had to make a project using reusable utensils for his sharing at school. This was his creation.

  • Bommala koluvu 

    When me and my brother were kids, every year during Dasera we had bommala koluvu at our house. My grand parents also had one. Infact pretty much everyone in our family had one. We used to have fun setting it up, decorating and everything. We usually had holidays all 10 days of Dasera. So, we […]

  • Scribbleville

    This week is Read Across America week! It is Dr. Suess birthday on March 2nd and this week is celebrated in his honor. I have read a lot of Dr. Suess books to my kids. I so wish I had these books to read when I was little. It inspires kids to read more. If […]

  • Happy Mother’s Day!!!

    Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful mom’s! Today, I want to ask a few questions to all the mom’s. I am starting with my own answers and cannot wait to hear yours! 1. How do you feel as a mom? I feel wonderful to know that I know so much about my kids that […]

  • Concerned brother

    Yesterday Sarath was sick and he had to stay home from school. Poor kid was throwing up all night and woke up with a mild fever. He was in a bad state. So, he was resting on the sofa in the morning while I was trying to get Sanjay ready for school. As soon as […]

  • Feels Good to be back home

    We just got back from a week long vacation to Orlando. We have been planning this trip for a while now and finally, we got good tickets using airline miles. We originally planned on leaving on Saturday and coming back on Saturday. But, the tickets were expensive due to Spring break. So, we left last […]

  • Conversations

    Sarath hops out of the bus without his jacket. Me: Where is you jacket? Sarath: In lost and found.. Me: So, why didn’t you take it? Sarath: Because, I was playing soccer and left it outside and forgot about it when I went to class. Me: So, how do you know it is in lost […]