This year’s Halloween was different like everything else. The kids didn’t get to wear costumes to school or go trick or treating. They were disappointed initially, but we convinced them saying it is better to stay home. They are old enough to understand, but were still not happy.

They did play some Halloween games during their online classes and got to wear their costumes to classes. Sanjay’s school also had a virtual Halloween parade where they made a slideshow of some of the kids in each class in costumes.

Since we weren’t going for trick or treat, we did more decorations than usual. The kids setup all the decorations by themselves this year.

The kids selected a big pumpkin for carving saying that they would carve it, but as usual it was me who carved it all by myself. This one did turn out better than I expected.

Yesterday we had plans to make cookies and decorate them, but we ended up buying sugar cookies and decorating them at home.

We had pizza for dinner and the kids watched “The Nightmare before Christmas”. We did put some candy outside in a bowl in case there were any trick or treaters coming by. We actually didn’t hear any people come by, although I am not sure as we were busy watching TV. It didn’t look like any of the candy was taken.

In general it didn’t look like regular Halloween as we didn’t notice many people on the streets. Hoping we can have a normal Halloween although I am not sure what the new normal will be!

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