I have been meaning to write a post for a long time now… but, the little one inside me thinks that I should just eat and sleep all day. I am just so tired everyday. Early on, the morning sickness made me miserable. The past couple of months were okay and I was just waiting for the ultrasound so that I could see the little one. The ultrasound was over two weeks back and the little one wouldn’t co-operate at all. He/she kept moving a lot and the technician was a little frustrated. She made me take a walk but that did not help. She wanted some heart measurements and just couldn’t get them. So, we had to go back last week. I was okay about it because, I got to see the baby again. I did not like the technician who did it on the first day. She did not give me any pictures. I asked her if we could see the 3D image of the baby, and she just wouldn’t do it. I was really mad. Last week, the technician was okay. She first got all the measurements and pictures for the doctor and then she printed out a few pictures for us (after I asked for the pictures repeatedly). We got to see the little one’s face in 3D and it was all worth it. She even printed out color 3D pictures for us. The little one sure looks beautiful. We did not find out if it is a boy or a girl. We decided on keeping it a surprise. I always wanted a little girl and am hoping for one. DH says a girl will be nice but is not desperate for one like me. Sarath keeps saying he wants a baby brother. He does not want a sister. So, lets see who wins 🙂

Now, I am at that point in my pregnancy where I am happy that I can feel the little one’s movements and really sad that I have to bear with all the aces and pains. I have a very bad backache everyday and my sleep is the worst. I am so sleepy and tired in the afternoon that if I don’t take a nap, I get a hadache. If I do, I cannot sleep at night. I toss and turn all night. aaaaaahhhhhhh……….. I feel miserable sometimes. DH has been so good and helping. When ever I don’t feel good, he just comes home early and takes care of everything. I know I went through all of this once but, I just don’t remember it at all. And it was different last time. I just had to take care of myself. Now, I have to run around a toddler which makes it much more difficult. The only thing that makes me going is that now I know how good it feels when I get to hold this baby in my arms….. I am just waiting for that. Also, I cannot wait to see Sarath’s reaction when he actually sees the baby.

The other thing I am waiting for is the arrival of my parents. They should be here end of this month or mid Feb. Then, it is going to be easier. I don’t intend to sit around and let my mom take care of the kitchen. But, she will be a big help to me. Mommy’s are always the best 🙂 Hopefully, I will get more time to blog too.

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  1. Yes yes mommy’s are the best…

    Ok to get back to the main point of your post…

    Awww i hope u feel better soon and i Hope it’s a girl…we did some more little girls in the world…and oh what fun it will be to dress them up

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