During dinner last night, Sarath said: “Amma, I am tired of being a boy…”

Me: Do you want to be a girl?

Sarath: No, I want to be an Alligator

Me: … Ok. I will turn you into an alligator. So, where will you live after you become an alligator??

Sarath: With other alligators.

So, we are talking about where alligators live and what they do and stuff while getting him to finish his dinner. Then suddenly he says, “but, amma.. I cannot sleep without a pillow and alligators do not have pillows….” and starts crying. To calm him down, I told him we can think about the pillow situation and asked him what alligators did in general. Then he goes…..

“amma, alligators do not jump, walk or run. They do not even have feet!!! They have a boring life…. I do not want to be an alligator after all. I am tired of being a boy, but I definitely do not want to be an alligator.”


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