Sarath hops out of the bus without his jacket.

Me: Where is you jacket?

Sarath: In lost and found..

Me: So, why didn’t you take it?

Sarath: Because, I was playing soccer and left it outside and forgot about it when I went to class.

Me: So, how do you know it is in lost & found?

Sarath: My teacher told me.

Me: So, why didn’t you pick it up from lost & found?

Sarath: Well, because I did not know it would be in lost & found.

Me: &^$^#*#(#)00!!!

After a number of iterations of the same questions over and over, I finally understood that his teacher told him about his jacket being in lost & found when he was about to board the bus. So, he did not have time to get his jacket. Why he couldn’t tell me this the first time I asked – I will never know!



Sanjay was playing with his lego’s and he built a bank. He was talking about the bank and money and similar things.

Me: Why do we need money?

Sanjay: To put it in my kiddy bank.

It was the sweetest answer. I gave him a big hug. Ah! how I love the innocence!!!


In the morning, I told Sanjay that if he comes quickly for his bath, he can later play with his lego’s for 10 min while I am in the shower. He immediately asked “Do you need 10 min to take a bath? that long?”. All I could do was laugh 🙂


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