Here are some snippets of conversations I had with the kids and S.

1. Β Today while I was cutting vegetables, Sanjay came and hugged me from the back and said “I love you amma.”. I replied saying “I love you too..” and immediately he said “I love you three..”


2. Last week Sanjay was crying to go to day care and I was trying to remind him of all the fun he has there and he was quitely listening. Then he said, “my teacher is my mommy when you are in office…” I had a mix of emotions when I heard that and just did not have the heart to drop him off at day care. I still did because I had to get to work πŸ™Β 


3. Sarath has trouble getting out of the shower everyday. So, we talked to him about taking less time to finish his bath. A couple of days later he came out of the shower in less than 10 min.

Me: Sarath, did you use the soap at all?

Sarath: yes amma.

Me; So, then why is the soap not even wet?

Sarath: I don’t know. May be it dried out really quickly.



4. One morning when S was up early, I put the dal in the cooker and asked him to switch off the stove after 5 or 6 whistles and I went for my bath. I come back and see that the dal is not completely cooked.

Me: S, after how many whistles did you switch it off?

S: after 4

Me: (highly frustrated) I told you to switch it off after at least 5 or 6 whistles

S: Oh! actually, I am not sure after how many whistles. I did not count.

Me: &*($)#*@


5. The kids have been eating more candy than they need to. So, I told them that they could only have candy on the weekend and that is our house rule. When we went to San Francisco last week, we visited Ghiradeli chocolate shop and they gave us free samplers. Sarath gave his chocolate to me and said “well, today is not a weekend so, I cannot have it”. I felt really happy and sad at the same time and told him it is okay to eat it because we were on vacation.






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  1. Sanjay is so cute. I can imagine your feelings dropping him off at the day care. I am already dreading that moment when it happens to us. πŸ™

    Lol on S’s response. He is so like Murali. I often wonder why they are wired so differently. πŸ™‚

    How understanding of Sarath to give you the chocolate back. You must have felt very proud.

    1. It does feel sad sometimes when we have to wake him up in the morning or when he cries about going to day care. But, when I look at the amount of fun he has there and the number of new things he learns everyday, I don’t feel that bad any more. It is always a mix of emotions.

      Men are wired differently πŸ™‚

      I felt very proud when Sarath gave me the chocolate back. πŸ™‚

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