Today, me and my mom went shopping. We took my son along. He was reluctant to drink milk at home after his afternoon nap. So, I took along a Danone chocolate milk. We went to a reputed store in Hyderabad. I have never been to that store before so, I wanted to try my luck to find some nice cotton selwars.

When we were in that store, my son was hungry and so finished the milk I took along. We were about to leave the store. I asked one of the employees if had a trash can so that I can dump the empty milk carton. His answer was “You can just throw it outside“. I was totally surprised and frustrated at the same time. Why do people not care about their surroundings? Why do they not care about cleanliness or spreading diseases etc??? I am talking about educated people working a big reputed store. He told me to throw it right beside the entrance of the store. Does he not care about his customers? Now somehow I do not feel like going to that store anymore (I did not like their selection either. It was very expensive).

When he said that, I immediately thought of this post from IHM. Seriously, when will people start caring about our environment?? I always wonder what message are we passing down to our kids? Everybody wants to live life as they want and hope that someone else will change it for them. They are always complaining about not enough facilities or that the government is not doing enough. But, nobody thinks about what they are doing to help the government? Even simple things like not throwing trash on the streets or using recyclable bags or the old fashioned cloth bags for shopping goes a long way. I just hope that people realize this soon.

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  1. This is common, we just don’t care. And then we complain about how filthy our roads are!
    Our children watch us, your son will notice what you are doing and he will follow your example. If schools teach the children about cleanliness sincerely, I am sure that can make a difference…

  2. I totally agree with you on IHM on India the awarness about our environment has to be started from scratch level..the next generations will always follow,whatever they have seen while growing up..we have ling way to go..

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