Here is the first part of this post.

I went to pick up Sarath around 5:00PM. The moment he saw me, he started bawling. I had to fight to stop my tears rolling out. All this was for 5 min. Then he was very excited and showed me around his class, his shelf, the place where he had lunch, where he slept and everything else. He then had all sorts of things to tell me about his preschool. He gave a hug and good bye kiss to his teachers and was glad to come home. He was so excited to talk about his day. He proudly told everyone (his dad, uncle, aunt, grand parents) that he did not cry in pre school but played like a good boy.

Now, he is eager to go back again. He tells me he has friends at pre school. That is good to hear.

So, the first day was a success. Hope he gets adjusted faster.

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