This whole week was kind of chilly. I wouldn’t say cold but not good to go out and play. So, my son was very unhappy about it. Today finally Mr.Sun decided to come out and it was nice outside. Me and my son went grocery shopping but by then it was a bit chilly again outside because of the wind. Added to that I had a pounding headache which I knew was a migraine and there is little that can be done to get rid of it. Even over the counter medicines do not help. So, we did not go the park as planned but unloaded the groceries instead. I was feeling bad about not taking him to the park.

My DH came home a little early today. So, while having dinner, we decided to go out and get some ice cream. When we were all set to go, my son threw our TV and Video remotes down the stairs while both me and my DH were yelling “NO”. Then followed a session of time outs, crying, shouting (mostly be me). So, by the time my son calmed down enough to apologize to his dad, it was 8:00 PM and it was too close to his bed time. So, there went our plans of going out today. And obviously because of the shouting, crying etc.. my head ache got worse and is now at its peak where I do not feel like doing anything.

Sometimes when you are destined not to go, it just doesn’t happen. The weather is supposed to be nice over the weekend. Maybe we can go for that ice cream tomorrow. Now, all I hope is to get a good night’s sleep.

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