I came across this website on stumble and it got me thinking about handwriting. When I was in school, I was constantly reminded of the importance of handwriting and was also told that only people with good handwriting would be successful in life. My handwriting was not exceptional but it was legible. I never understood why it was so important.

Does handwriting really matter in today’s lives? Not as much as it used to be. In this world of technology, handwriting is not much of an issue. Most of us do not use a pen and paper. By the time my son is in college, I don’t think they would be using notebooks. Everything will probably be online and they would be using computers more than we do now.

I am really glad that my handwriting does not matter as much now. But, I am not sure how I would react if my son does not have a good handwriting? Will I force him to write beautifully? Probably not. As long as he can write legibly, I would probably be okay.

If you are not like me and wish to improve your writing or your child’s writing, the website has some good tips on calligraphy.

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