I cannot believe I joined this challenge this year. I am going to be very busy this month. When I saw Seema’s comment regarding the blogathon, I decided that I am not going to participate this year. I just participated in the November photo101 challenge and I was not able to finish it. But, when I opened my blog yesterday afterย a long time, I got tempted. I know it is going to be crazy but, when is life not crazy? I know I am going to enjoy this very much.

2014 was a very normal year with its own ups and downs . It started out very good and it ended on a good note too. So many things happened this year and I never found time to blog about them.

Here are the highlights of 2014:

– Our India trip – it was wonderful to meet my parents after 1.5 years. The kids had so much fun there and though it was hot, I loved spending time with my parents.

– Our London trip – This was one of the best vacations we have taken in the recent years. One line is not going to be enough to describe this trip.

– Our trip to Missouri to meet my best friend. We have known each other for the past 20 years and we have been best friends for the past 18 years. We met after 3.5 years and it was wonderful. Although, we got to stay at their place only for a day and half, it was very nice.

– Our trip to Indiana to my brother-in-law’s house. They recently had a baby and it was amazing to see the little one and play with him. I totally forgot how little and wonderful babies are. The kids had fun with their other cousins and we had a family get-together for a week. So many things I learnt from this trip which will probably be a post by itself.

– Starting my freelance career. I have been thinking of quitting my job and getting a better one. I kept thinking about freelancing because of the flexibility that comes with it. I was very scared as it is not a steady source of income and there are a lot of road blocks. But, I am so glad about taking this decision. So far, I love it. Hoping that by the end of 2015, I would be much more successful in freelancing.

-Working Out – Me and S are the world’s biggest procrastinators when it comes to going to the gym or working out at home. Last year, we decided to take a serious step and also decided to encourage each other. It went pretty good. S was better than me in going to the gym. This year, after the holidays, we are planning to go at it in full swing and hopefully we will lose some of the belly fat ๐Ÿ™‚

Whenever new year comes around, we always think about resolutions. But, I gave up on it a long time ago. I just want to make the best of everything this year. So here is wishing you all a fun filled Happy New Year!


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