Ah it feels so good to be back in Seattle after a 5 week trip to India and London. It was a fun trip which was also boring at times and there were times I was just plain frustrated with so many people at once that I started contemplating some of the decisions that I made so long ago. Once, we are back on the plane, usually it all feels good. But, this time, I don’t feel that way.

Anyway, the kids had fun for the most part. As soon as we landed in India, we went to MIL’s place and then Sanjay started crying that he wants to go back to Seattle. I had to struggle with that for a while and also he wouldn’t go to the bathroom. He kept saying “I will go after we go back to Seattle”. I had to convince him ever so gently every time he had to go. It took almost 3 – 4 days for him to be ok with going to the bathroom.

The jet lag lasted for almost 10 days this time. So, I felt like I was constantly tired. The kids would wake up at Β 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning consistently and it was very difficult. Β At times like those, I wished I was in Seattle or better yet I was at my parents house where I could have a say in certain things.

The best part of the trip was:

– Not having to wear jackets every time we go out

– Eating mangoes. Even though we went at the end of the mango season, we still ate a lot of mangoes. The kids just plain loved them. Who wouldn’t?

– Eating pani puri from the pani puri wala on the foot path.

– Eating all the yummy food that my mom made specially for me πŸ™‚

– Leaving the kids with my parents and going shopping with S.

– Watching the kids get excited about going in trains, autos and scooters.

– Watching my parents and in-laws having fun with the kids


The worst part of the trip was:

– Having to deal with the power cuts and the heat because of lack of rains

– Having to deal with some nosy relatives who have nothing better than to gossip all day

– Having to deal with some unpleasant things which I wish I could forget.


I was originally planning to writing posts regularly as I would not have much to do there. Between the power cuts, and going out and me being lazy a little bit, I never got around to writing. Hopefully, I will write more now and also get around to reading all the posts that are waiting in my reader πŸ™‚



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