When we were in Wisconsin, we owned a Condo. It had lots of space and all the rooms on one level, a two car garage and a huge basement. We were there for 6,5 years and naturally accumulated lots of stuff and after Sarath was born, our stuff started to multiply.

When we moved to Seattle last year, we were not sure where to find an apartment. S works in downtown Seattle but we did not want to live in downtown. We were in a temporary accommodation and when we went to see apartments or houses for rent, we were disappointed. For one thing, most of the houses are really really old. If they have been remodeled, they are expensive and to find a place which has good lighting, spacious rooms, convenient for S to take the bus and be in our budget was next to impossible. After seeing a lot of places we ended up in Redmond in a tri-level apartment. It is in a nice location, close to grocery, walking distance to the library and there is a trail right behind the apartment which we love. But, this being 3 levels did not work so well especially with two kids. Sanjay was only 9 months when we moved to this place. Two months after moving, we did not like the 3 levels. We loved all the other aspects of it.

Our lease ends in less than a month and we have been actively looking for houses and apartments and we are disappointed again. If the house is good, then the elementary school associated with it is bad. If the school and the location are good, the house is not. It just seems really difficult to find a place that we will like. We have been looking from Jan 1st week. I am really tired of it and feel like we should just stay back in this same apartment. But, I am not sure if we would be happy if we stayed back here.

Sometimes I feel maybe we have high expectations or we are too picky. The things we are looking for is that the house/apartment should have good natural light and should be associated with a good school. We do not want it to be too far for S as he is the one who has to do the longer commute and the main thing – it has to fit into our budget. I just hope we find something soon.

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  1. Oh I have been thorough similar situations and our last house was tr level, it had advantages and disadvantage, the only reason I selected that was it was ample of light and in a city like Portland where it rains 9months it is must..I am sure that is the case with Seattle. The home before was duplex and that’s Chucky was born and our favorite so far. Every time we compare with that, we get disappointed. I am still in search for that perfect home..

  2. Oh tell me about it. We are just done with the house hunting business and are totally exhausted. finally when we found one, the interiors were not done and they said we need to wait for a month. but then we said ok. Hope you find a good one soon.

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