Friday was one of those ‘I-feel-grumpy’ days. Although sleep deprived, I woke up as usual and was going about doing my regular chores in the morning and I accidentally bumped into a step stool. It hurt so bad that I had to sit for 5 – 10 min for it to get a little better. Being a person who frequently bumps into things while I walk, this was not something new. I just thought it hurts really bad this time.

I hurt my small toe on the right foot and it was swollen all day and was hurting even when I was not moving it. Not even giving it a thought, I even went grocery shopping and half way through the grocery store, the pain became intense and it was difficult to walk with my sandals on. Then I started thinking maybe the toe is broken. So, then I went to the urgent care clinic and after waiting for an hour, the doctor said “you broke your toe”. She said I would have to wear a surgical shoe. Then off I went for an X-Ray which showed the toe is not broken. I was relieved but I still have to wear a surgical shoe (or maybe I should say a surgical sandal) until the pain gets better.

My surgical shoe

This shoe is not the most comfortable thing but definitely better than my sandals or walking bare foot. I just hope it’ll get better in a week or so. I do not want to wear this more than a week. I have to wear it all day at home too 🙁

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