I am back to my online world. There are lots of things I want to write. So many events and adventures we went through. I do not even know where to start. Well, first things first… the wedding was great. We had lots of fun and no sleep (that’s expected when we get together with family).

Since all our relatives were there at the wedding, we decided to perform Aksharabhyasam for our son. Aksharabhyasam is the first time the child is made to write on a slate. We did Saraswati pooja and then my husband made him write on rice first and then on a slate. It was fun. Now, he is all set to learn anything and everything he wants. This is usually done before the kid is sent to school at 3 years. Since, here in the US, the kids go to school at 5 years, we did not want to wait that long.

After the wedding was over, we came back to Hyderabad and started getting ready for our trip back to the US. Then our flight got cancelled because of the volcanic ash over Europe. We were so glad that we did not get struck in Europe. Instead, we stayed back in India for a few more days and reached here a couple of days back. Since we had to re-book our flights with a different itenerary, we came via Dubai. We had a 12 hour wait in Dubai. Luckily we got a visa and went to my cousin’s place there. We were very tired and slept for a while and then went around Dubai for a couple of hours. We saw the Burj Khalifa and went to Dubai mall. We just went around the mall but did not have time for shopping 🙁

We had a 17 hour flight from Dubai to Washington and then a connecting flight to Chicago. It was very tiresome by the time we reached home. As my hubby missed 3 extra days of work due to the flight cancellation, he had to go to work as soon as we came back. We are out of jet lag and trying to get back to our routine and catch up on everything from work, emails, blogs and the latest news from our friends here.

There is still a lot to write about our India trip and many other things….. so many more posts to come.

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