– How is it possible that when I call friends over for dinner on a weekday, I can cook 5 different things from scratch, load the dishwasher, clean the kitchen and get ready by 6:30 in the evening when on normal days, I am not even halfway done by 6:30.

– How many times I would have to tell Sarath that boys can read any book even if it is Cinderella!

– Why my boss thinks I cannot get work done if I am home with my six year old but he can get work done while taking care of a new born, his wife and his four year old son.

– Why one of my sock always gets lost in the dryer.

– Why S always stays awake with me at night when I am working or blogging or reading but, I can never do that.

– When I will finish reading another book.

– When I will get enough sleep on weekdays so that I will stay sane by the end of Friday.

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