In the past seven months so much has happened in our lives that has made us feel happy, sad, tired, frustrated and many other things. Since our move to Seattle, WA in January, we have been just so busy. Trying to settle down in a new city with two kids (one less than an year old) is not easy. It takes the entire energy out of you. When we moved here, we were given temporary housing for a month. So, it was good that we did not have to look for apartments before moving. One week after the move, there was a huge snow storm in Seattle. Coming from the midwest, we are used to snow and snow storms. But, here it was different. People are not used to the snow in Seattle. They do not have the equipment to deal with snow storms. So, the week S started his new job, we had the snow storm and we had a different experience each day. The first day started with S getting delayed to his orientation with the new company and then, ended with we having no power for more than a day and we had to go stay in a hotel for two days.

After that settled down, we started hunting for apartments. That was not easy either. We came here with a lot of stuff that we had accumulated in our huge condo. We really needed a 3 bedroom apartment and there wereย  a lot of factors involved and finally we found condo that we really liked. So, we moved into the new apartment within a month and started settling down.

Then, my brother go married in March and within less than a month of us moving into our new apartment, I left for India with both the kids. I was really not very happy that I had to travel alone with the kids. But, I somehow managed it and made it to and back from India safely. S was also there at the wedding but he came only for a week. That one month in India was very tiring and calls for another detailed post.

I think I need to go now and will continue this in the next post….

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