I cannot believe it is already the end of April. As usual I need to catch up with so many things and I barely get the time to go for a haircut on a regular basis. Sometimes I feel like it is only April and so many things already happened this year.

Sanjay went on an outdoor education trip in January. It was a 4 day 3 night trip with the school. It was his first time being away from us and he did a great job. He was super excited and as the trip got closer, he was a bit nervous. He packed everything himself with my guidance and checking his packing list multiple times. They went in luxury buses and they all had a super fun time at camp. He took care of getting ready on time, packing his lunch for the day hike and everything else all by himself. He did not lose a single thing. He was so proud of himself. I was super proud of him as well 🙂 When he came back, he had stories to tell. He even took the time to write a letter to me. Apparently, he wrote it during a snack break 🙂 The letter was so detailed.

In February, Sanjay moved from cub scouts to boy scouts and is now in the same troop as Sarath. That was a big moment for him. Now that they are in the same troop, it is easier for us as well. They have their meetings at the same time and they are going to the same summer camp together.

This year both the kids are moving up schools. Sanjay is going into middle school and Sarath into high school. I cannot believe that we are going to be done with elementary school in a couple of months. It is a bitter sweet moment for me 🙂 The kids are so ready for this and are going to do an amazing job.

When we moved to our new house last year, the kids were not happy about moving schools at all. I talked to them about it almost every night. Now, they are very happy in the new schools. Both of them made friends and are liking it. I am glad that they get to move to the new schools with some of their friends which will hopefully make it easy to adjust.

Sarath has signed up for a scholarship program which requires volunteering hours and good grades. As part of his volunteering hours, his math teacher asked him to do a few math videos explaining a few concepts. After doing those math videos, he created his own YouTube channel and started adding math videos every week. He is very diligent about his math channel. He also started his music YouTube channel where he posts a music video every week. He loves music and keeps experimenting with his videos. He also loves being part of the orchestra in school and loves to play his viola.

Now that we are settled in, I am always thinking about our home decor, gardening and other updates to our home 🙂 This is the fun part of owning a home. We also had to encounter some not so fun parts as our garage door stopped working a couple of months ago and now we are dealing with a water leak in the garage 🙁 The things we want to setup and get done are endless as usual – from home organization to home updates to keeping it clean on a regular basis. I already started gardening and am planning to do more this weekend. I am planning to have more indoor plants and I also plan on getting an aquarium. With so many things on the list, prioritizing is very difficult.

My in-laws are coming next month. They weren’t able to come when we bought our house and it’s nice that they are able to come now. Thanks to Covid, we haven’t seem them in the last 3 years. So, it’ll be nice to spend some time with them. My parents couldn’t come either and I’m travelling with the kids to India in the summer to spend some time with them. Overall, it will be an eventful summer.

When I was writing blog posts regularly, I always had lots of things to write. Now that I don’t write much, I wasn’t sure what to write when I started this post. I did manage to write a lot and I know there is so much more I want to write. Hopefully, this will be the year when I will start writing regularly again (fingers crossed).

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