I am now writing this post from California. We are finally here and the move went as smooth as it could. Since we had a week after the movers left with our stuff, we decided to take a mini vacation. We went to Victoria, BC, Canada. I will write about our trip soon. After our vacation, we packed up the remaining stuff that we were planning to bring with us in the car. I estimated that it would take about 5 hours to get everything packed up, and load the car. I was wrong. It took us a lot of time. We finally left at 5 pm. One of our close friends had asked me to come to their house before leaving. It was a Friday and she wanted to give me some tambulam. So, we went there after packing and loading the minivan. She was so nice to make tea and give it to us in disposable cups since we did not have time to stay for a little bit πŸ™‚

On the first day we drove 5 hours and stayed the night at Salem, OR. The next morning we slept in for a bit to get some rest and started a bit late. We drove for a longer time and reached Redding, CA. It was hot when we got there. We stayed the night in Redding. The third day was our final day of our travel. We went to the Sundial bridge in Redding and then headed to the Bay Area. My mom’s cousin lives pretty close to our place. So, we went to their place to stay for night.

View of Mt.Shasta

My aunt made some yummy rice and dal. It felt so good to eat nice hot home made food after the long drive. We moved into our new home the next day. It has been a couple of months since our move and we like it here. There are days when I miss Seattle and my friends and colleagues, but in general I like it. Β The weather is nice, but hot. It has been a while since I lived in this kind of weather. It did go into 90’s and 100’s a couple of days, but that’s it. We are done with the hot weather now. We have started gardening a week after we moved. We now have beans, tomatoes and capsicum (bell peppers) in our back yard. The beans are ready to be harvested in a couple days too. So, that part is very exciting! The kids have never lived in this kind of hot weather. So, they are happy some days and are complaining the other days. During their summer break, they went into the backyard and soaked themselves with the hose a number of times πŸ™‚

The schools are in full swing now and we are all settled in πŸ™‚

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