Today the sun came out a bit and it feels good. The temperature is not bad either. It felt really good in the morning when we headed out to the library. Sarath is fighting the cold since Saturday and it is really hard for both of us. He is very tired, doesn’t want to eat or drink anything except juice. Add to it lack of sleep and you can imagine the state we are in. A lot of tantrums. Everything leads to a tantrum.

He is also giving up the sippy cups and starting to drink from a regular cup. Maybe I should have waited until he was feeling better. Well, I did not force him though. I just told him that his cousin (same age as him) gave up sippy cups completely and is drinking from a regular cup. He immediately decided to give up sippy cups too. Amazing!! The effect of another kid even at this young age! I was glad and gave him the cup. I guess I just want him to get used to the cup when he is all for it. That way less nagging from our side. Well, that is adding to all the tantrums.

So, today he wanted some milk. I gave it to him in the regular cup. He drank half of it. While he was still drinking I stepped away for a few seconds and he poured all the milk on the high chair tray. When he heard me coming, he started crying “I want to drink the milk. Don’t take me off the high chair……..” I did what I had to to. I removed him from the high chair and tried to explain that he cannot drink the spilt milk. He was crying so loudly that he could barely hear me. I let him cry for a few minutes and then when he was ready to calm down, slowly explained why I could not give the milk again. I guess he understood because he stopped crying and is playing cheerfully now.

Sometimes I do not even know that I have this strength to bear his tantrums. Sometimes, I just yell at him. But I feel really bad after that. So, today I feel good that I was able to get through to him and hopefully he remembers it the next time. If not, I have to deal with another tantrum all the while telling myself not to yell at him.

I have to get back to work. I am just hoping to have a peaceful evening and hopefully get Sarath to bed early so that he can get that much needed rest.

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