A lot of happened in the past three weeks and I have neglected my blog all this time when I should have been writing some of my happy times.

The big thing is that I quit my job. Yes I finally did it and I am going to take a break in the summer. I feel so good about it.  I have been thinking about quitting my job for a while now. I now have plans of working as a freelancer after summer. I have lots to do before September and I think although I am on a break, I have more to do now. I will be home with my boys the entire summer – it is going to be fun and busy summer 🙂 On my last day of work, I was happy but at the same time worried sick as to whether I will be able to make it as a freelancer and if not, how hard will it be to find another job that I like and blah blah blah. S was talking to me and he said that I should be happy and proud of myself because I was able to take the decision to come out of something I don’t like. That made me smile and I decided that I am going to be happy for now and work my best to start my career as a freelancer.


Sanjay is out of day care as well. Last Friday was his last day. He will be home with me now and in September, he will go to Montessori. I think I am more excited about this than Sanjay.  I was a stay at home mom when Sarath was a baby. He stayed home with me until he was 2.5 years old. But, I started working full time when Sanjay was only an year old. So, I sometimes feel bad that I missed out that time with him. So, now, it will only be me and him at home for the next one month until Sarath is done with school. I am so looking forward to it.


We are going to India for four weeks from mid June to mid July. It has been 2 years since I went to India and I cannot wait for this trip. I already have lots of plans and I need to do a lot of shopping. The kids are excited as well. Sarath remembers very little from his trips and Sanjay was less than 1 year when we went last time. So, it will be fun to see his reactions to everything there.


Yesterday, we went to a Veena concert. Originally, all of us were planning to go. But, S couldn’t come and I took both the kids. I was a bit worried as to whether they will stay quiet during the concert. As soon as we went in and sat down, the kids were very absorbed in the music and did not say a word. They were just watching at the veena’s and the mrudangam. Sarath is very interested in musical instruments and he was asking me a bunch of questions on how the veena works and stuff. Interestingly, even Sanjay sat very quietly listening to the music and putting talam. It was very cute to watch him engrossed in the music. After around half an hour, they started getting bored and wanted to leave. I did manage to stay for an entire hour. I am so glad that I went and I realized that the more I take the kids to these type of things, the more they will get used to it. The concert was very nice and it has been a while since I heard such melody.


Today, we went to half price books to buy a Pokemon book for Sarath. We did not find one but, we ended up spending $50.00 on other books 🙂 Money spent on books is always money well spent in my opinion. We bought an entire set of Curious George books and some activity books for Sarath and four Harry Potter books 🙂




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  1. If it was something you didn’t like, then I also think its a good thing you quit. Now, it can only get better. Right!

    Yayy on India shopping and more books. 🙂

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