Yesterday I had to take Sarath to the doctor just for a regular check up. I had to take Sanjay with me as well. The clinic has a big aquarium which the kids are fond of. They also have some books and puzzles and the kids keep themselves busy until we are called inside. Yesterday, they called us as soon as we went there but, we had to wait in the room for almost 20 min for the doctor to come. Keeping the kids busy in a small office where they are not supposed to touch half the stuff is very difficult. But, here they have a ton of books in every room in the clinic. There were a lot of books and since the books are new (as in the kids haven’t read them before), they were excited to read as many books as they could. Sarath read many books. Sanjay also took a bunch of books and started looking at the pictures. They stayed very quiet. I did not have to tell them to be quiet even once 🙂 It felt amazing to see the kids so interested in books. After a few min, Sanjay wanted me to read to him and we happily sat there reading books until the doctor came. On days like this, I am happy and also proud that the kids are so much into reading books. Hope they will retain the habit forever.

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