Can’t believe it is already May!! Time has been flying super fast these days and I don’t think I am doing a good job of keeping up with it. Every weekend feels like we have lots to do and when Monday comes around, I am always exhausted. I keep thinking I have to change this cycle, but not sure how.

Monday mornings are especially difficult because nobody wants to get up at the right time on Mondays and it is always a tight race to get the kids to school on time. It was much better in Redmond where the kids had to leave for school by 8:15. They did a really good job of getting ready and I used to have an hour extra every day. Now that their school starts at 9 and that we live right across school, they have a very laid back attitude.

Yesterday, after the kids left and the chaos was all done, I felt like I needed a moment or two to myself. I made myself breakfast and sat down with a magazine (even though my brain was screaming at me to get started on work). I slowly ate breakfast while browsing the travel magazine and then started looking at the past years pictures on my phone. Every day my phone shows me all the pictures that were taken in the previous years exactly on this day.

So, past pictures showed me this from 2014. We were still in Redmond and had planted some Tulips and Lilly’s which bloomed beautifully. I went crazy taking pictures. One of the things I love about the Pacific Northwest – the bulbs blooming in the Spring 🙂

After moving to California, we planted Tulips here as well. But, only one bloomed and it was short lived. We were disappointed. But, we do have other flowers blooming nicely here. Here are a bunch of roses from our front yard 🙂

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