Read about our summer adventures part 1 here.

As soon as I came back from India, my in-laws came to California from Denver. My BIL’s son and my SIL’s kids came with them. We had a full house. The kids had fun together. Then both my SIL and BIL families visited us and for one week we had fun. Most of us working from home, MIL cooking to her heart’s content, kids running around and taking up the entire space for their play. It was all so much fun. We had kids ranging from 16 to 3 years of age and it was so nice to see the older kids interacting together and also with the younger ones. Older kids trying to teach some sort of discipline to the younger ones 🙂

Birthday Celebrations!!

We celebrated my mother-in-law’s birthday. The kids had fun making a cake at home and decorating cookies.

Schools, colleges & more!

There were so many discussions about high school and colleges, math and science, music and more. Both Sarath and my SIL’s daughter started high school last year. My SIL’s son is in 11th and getting ready for college. Sanjay started middle school. The younger ones are in elementary and pre-school. There was ice cream social at Sanjay’s middle school. We all went there and showed the school to my in-laws and Sanjay’s cousins. The younger kids were impressed by the hugeness of it, although they were thoroughly disappointed that middle school did not have an actual playground.

We all did the Varalakshmi puja together and a couple of days later, we did the Satanarayana vratam. We moved into our house in 2021, but never got to do much as part of house warming due to Covid. So, we had guests over and all in all it was a fun couple of weeks. We were all tired by the end of the puja and it took us a week to recover.

Satyanarayana Vratam

Som and my sister in-law took the kids and my in-laws to San Francisco. I stayed home to work. They had a blast for an entire day and came home all tired.

After every one left, it felt so lonely for a while. I am desperately waiting for another reunion this year 🙂

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